"Let the nations be glad and sing for joy."
Psalm 67:4 ESV

About Us

Advocacy, Community, and Friendship

Everything we do at All Nations is built on a foundation of true friendship.  All Nations was born from a desire to meet needs that were uncovered in the process of truly living life with you, our New American friends.

As such, advocacy, community, and friendship are key values that undergird every activity at All Nations.

Come Dream With Us

We have learned that most New Americans are simply making do by engaging in the type of business that was recommended by immigrants who came before them.

When we engage with you for the first time, you will meet with an Intake Specialist who will help you dream your own dream.  

Then you will be partnered with a personal advocate who will help you design an action plan to get you from where you are to where you desire to be.  It is our desire that in this process a new friendship will be formed upon which hard work and perseverance can be rooted.

Your Dream...Your Path

Vocational Development


If your new vision is to graduate college and get a particular job, you will begin working at the All Nations facility toward completing the next steps of your education.  If you are ready for high school, you will take high school courses online at All Nations as part of our partnership with Career Online High School, an accredited 18-month program that will provide you with an actual High School diploma as well as a certificate in a particular field.  If you are not yet ready for high school because of a lack of formal education at home, you will work with others in that same situation, developing the skills necessary to succeed in the COHS program.  

In either case, you will now be working alongside others as a team and will be further encouraged by a room coach who will serve to supplement the sense of community and friendship begun by your personal advocate.  

When you are ready you will be encouraged to pursue higher education outside of the All Nations facility, but will continue to receive support until you complete your degree and are able to secure the job you are pursuing.

Business Development


If your new vision is to strike out on your own and start a business, you will be teamed with business professionals who will discuss your business plan with you.  Together you will tackle anything that still needs to be done in preparation, and will pursue funding together to get the business up off the ground.  We have access to funding resources and will make certain you are able to enter the market well-prepared.  

You will also have access to classes that can help you develop as a business owner.  From marketing strategy, to wise pricing tactics, to keeping good records and making sure your organization is aware of and complying with local and federal laws, courses will be taught by people who are committed to seeing you thrive in business.

Again remember that everything we do at All Nations is built on the foundation of relationships and we are committed to you personally from moment one.  Not only will we strive to help you achieve your dream, we will stand beside you as your friend and will together with you seek to build community.

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