The True You

We believe God made each of us unique and gifted us with skills and talents, dreams and passions.  

Coming to a new country might create problems that make it harder to reach your goals, but we are here to walk with you, help you solve those problems, and listen when you need to talk.

Come in, and let's plan!


When You Achieve Your Goals, The Whole Family Wins


What can we help you do?  Whatever it takes.

If you need to go to college, we will help you prepare and walk alongside you through the application.  Then we will provide a place you can come to study and be encouraged.

If you need to work on your English, we will work with you as often as you'd like each week until you have met your goals.

If you want to start a business, we will coach you through the process, and provide a space you can come and work on plans before and after you open your business.

Whatever your dream, All Nations will help you plan and will be next to you each step of the way.

Learn More

We are happy to sit down and talk with you at any time.  We know starting something new can be scary, so let's talk before you jump in to something big.

We are happy to take it slow, so you can be comfortable in your new adventure.  

This program is for you, so you decide what you want to do and when, but the first step is to come in and talk with us.

Come in any time Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 5:30pm.  Our address is 8917 Gravois, 63123.  We are upstairs on the second floor.