Finish School

The path between where you are now and your dream may include finishing the next level of your education.  If so, you can begin working with the All Nations family to tackle that next step.

If you are not yet ready for high school because of a lack of formal education in your birth country, you may apply to work with others in that same situation, developing the skills necessary to succeed in the All Nations High School program.


If you are ready for high school, you can apply to be part of a comprehensive program offered at All Nations through our partner, Career Online High School.  After 18 months of hard work, you will receive an accredited High School diploma as well as a certificate in a particular career focus.  All Nations will pay the $1250 tuition cost for this program.  You will be asked to pay a $100 deposit which will be returned upon successful completion of the program.  NOTE: If you already have some high school credits, and your records can be acquired from your school, we can have those credits applied and you will finish the program and get your diploma in less than 18 months.

If you are ready for college, you may apply to be connected to the All Nations support team who will walk beside you as a resource of advice and encouragement as you apply for college admission.  That partnership will continue throughout your college experience as the team provides encouragement and mentorship throughout your coursework.

In all of these situations you will be teamed up the All Nations family which will include others like yourself working towards their goals as well as All Nations staff and volunteers who are excited to be a part of your journey.  

Everything we do at All Nations is built on a foundation of relationship.


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