What will I do?

You will become a one-on-one friend for a New American.  We are striving for true friendship.  Consider this role to be defined in the same way as you define your current friendships.


Educational Mentoring

What will I do?  

An Educational Mentor serves primarily as a classroom encourager.  You welcome our New American friends and help foster community in the classroom.  You are present as a smiling face and voice of support when students are working on their materials in pursuit of their High School Diploma, graduation equivalency, or other academic accomplishment.    You answer questions as appropriate.  Some are questions of vocabulary; others require explanation of an academic concept.

Business Mentoring


What will I do?  

The Business Mentor leads a cohort of individuals each of whom is working to launch their own business.  You teach business concepts as necessary such as effective pricing strategy, marketing concepts, and business plan creation.  You assign tasks to be completed between weekly gatherings, evaluate the work, and make recommendations for change.  You are a voice of encouragement and strive to build a sense of community and camaraderie  in the cohort.  All Nations is built on relationships and the relationship you cultivate with the cohort is a reflection of that.


Youth Development Volunteer

What will I do?  

A volunteer in Youth Development befriends refugee and immigrant children.  You encourage them as they try new things, stretch themselves, play, and learn.  You may lead a classroom or assist the classroom teacher as the kids explore literacy, leadership, art, music, and recreation.  Most importantly you help cultivate a welcoming environment that fills the children with joy when they arrive each week.

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